Is following our passion really a perilous task ?

We all want a satisfactory life , and for that we set certain goals and aim and accordingly we start training our mind and body but at a certain point of time the hurricane of doubt hit us and now  a mild carelessness can cause a destruction and wretch our lives . It has become our default mindset to think that we are just among the millions and when we daily live the same lie it gradually becomes a truth . 

Many of us have some eccentric ideas to work upon but we defy them , or we can say that our ambiance doesnot permit us to do something out of the box .At every step , one will find the trap of words which may avert the one from path . Every successful person was once a struggler and we must never forget this . At this era of competitive world it is really difficult to keep our bubble of dream safe but if we want  ,we can do anything . Something which can help us throughout our journey is strategy , planning and believe in yourself . These three things mentioned above gives a right direction to  our hard work . Our impeccable planning may got fail sometimes due to incorrigible circumstances  but our self confidence will help us to withstand it .

Everyone cannot excel in studies because everymind is nourished with a different mindset and perspective  but if we want we can quench the thirst of real talent by searching them inside us . Everytime when one will feel lost in the crowd of millions , the epiphany of being unique will invigorate the one and gushed them up with the energy .


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