Is following our passion really a perilous task ?

We all want a satisfactory life , and for that we set certain goals and aim and accordingly we start training our mind and body but at a certain point of time the hurricane of doubt hit us and now  a mild carelessness can cause a destruction and wretch our lives . It has become our default mindset to think that we are just among the millions and when we daily live the same lie it gradually becomes a truth .  Many of us have some eccentric ideas to work upon but we defy them , or we can say that our ambiance doesnot permit us to do something out of the box .At every step , one will find the trap of words which may avert the one from path . Every successful person was once a struggler and we must never forget this . At this era of competitive world it is really difficult to keep our bubble of dream safe but if we want  ,we can do anything . Something which can help us throughout our journey is strategy , planning and believe in yourself . These three things mentioned above gives a righ

Do verbal attack affects you ?

Our mind is just a pseudo master of ours , it only bestows us with the survival instructions and all the decisions of our brain is based on information feeded and logical perceptions but our major decisions in life is truly governed by our emotions and sentiments . And our emotions can be easily manipulated by the bunch of words from someone's mouth . And at the spur of the moment , the palace of your dreams will get shattered .  Daily,  we come across many people and their advices and some of these advices have the power to change the journey of our life . "Think twice before saying " is a common and famous phrase but we oftenly escape notice at it .  And same applies to everybody . Someone's words can deteriorate our self esteem and just diminishes self love within us . We should adore the advices of people but according to our own terms and convience . Nobody knows the journey travelled by us so far till yet , what they know is what they see and what they want to p

Are we really aware of our subconscious mind ?

  Humans are social animals and they are inter dependent on each other and it is proven scientifically and psychologically . But , according to the  census mostly people fall in the abhorrent darkness of depression due to their tangled relation . Even for us also if we will keenly observe our thoughts then we will come to know that  major percentage of our thoughts are about other people . It sounds so irony that despite having plethora of wisdom we fall into these traps where we don't have the time to work upon ourselves .  Our body inertia intervenes even when we do minor changes in our routine and we just  stuck in it .  Our subconscious mind is something which influences our thought to such an extent that we cannot imagine . Our conditioning , surroundings and the type of content consumed by us build our subconscious mind . And after that our sub conscious mind constructs our activities and thoughts and this is the reason why our companionship influences or more manifestly ma

Do our insecurities ever going to end ?

 Every day starts with the excitement and effulgent of new opportunities and ends giving us some new lesson to look at and some ameliorations to work upon .  These words are barely enough to have the epiphany of refreshment but it never bestows one with contentment and tranquility until and unless one deeply dives into it.  Our understanding and thought process improves with our experiences and one should celebrate his journey of being becoming better with every new dawn . These all celebrations goes in vain when we compare ourselves from others . Insecurities surrounds us , self doubt starts absorbing our patience and confidence just get buried under the ground .  If we will carefully observe our thoughts , then the harsh reality will struck us . Our every next thought is influenced by the norms or protocols of the society or even worse by the fear of the society.  We all want to do something unique but the needle of protocols set by the society burst our bubble of dream and our body

Is our destiny really predefined ?

 There are many factors which influences our future and manipulate our present . And when our comfort zone hinders our steps to move ahead then the blame game comes into action and we start blaming our destiny . The world is full of coincidences and the series of coincidences with our hard work and certain choices then it is something known as destiny.   Fact are always the same what makes us unique is our perspective . For some people hard work is something on which notice must be escaped because everything is predefined in our destiny and when these kind of people got failed then they blame their destiny .But the fact is nobody knows what is encarved on the pages of their destiny maybe hard earned success is encarved at it . Our mind forges us with these kinds of thought to make us feel comfortable but deep within we all know the reality .  One can never feel the epiphany of freedom when one was caught by such perception which just gives them contentment at short term.   Our destiny

Do we really owe our thoughts and perceptions ?

 "I have lot to say , but no one is there to listen . I have secrets to be revealed  but no one is there to be trusted . I have tears to shed but nobody to wipe them . " This is the story of most of us but our deceptive expression never let this out . We have numerous friends and followers at our social media platform but no one to share our sorrows and transgression.   It seems as it is essential  to  make look our lives charming and just impeccable but these deceptive efforts are good for nothing despite they deepens the void within and destructs our serenity and contentment.  We all are humans with little imperfections and we all really work hard at our own pace to be the better version of ourselves . It never matters that how someone perceives our action and opinions , what matters is how this affect us . Now,  it's the high time to know who you are , explore what you are and  to realize whatever you are is great .  Every thing happens for a reason and so is with our

How social media is aggravating the circumstances?

 We all have some weaknesses and loopols , and we all work hard to overcome them and small steps of success gives us the adrenaline rush but when we have a glance on our social media we oftenly feel left out and just escape our notice from our own achievements.   Social media has come into existence with an idea of connecting people but now it has just aggravated the situation.  Social media is the sprawling cause of inferiority complex and gives the epiphany of being left out . We just ignore the felicitous era around and just scroll our screen in order to quench the thirst of deceptive contentment which will just end to apocalyptic results .  Achievements are something which we earn and from its journey we learn but it all goes in vain for us once we open our social media account . All of us have many followers but not a single one to share our sorrows and pain . Lives can never be so happening as they seem on social media but unfortunately we believe on what we see . If one use it i

The delimma of priorities.

 Have we  ever decided to do something but failed to do so? Have we ever tried to find out the reason why this happen to us  or it's just that we often escape our notice on such sensitive niche ?These are the questions popped up in our mind one day or the other .We all works on the principle of our priorities and sometimes setting priorities becomes our obstacle . Setting priorities accordingly can never be our choice it's something which has to be fixed in a particular manner and if we misunderstood this cryptic concept then we have to bear the wrath of the time .  A saturation point comes in everyone's life when one got exhausted and just become ready to give up , and emotions during this spur of moment just aggravates the circumstances.  And the irony of this stage is that our conscience seem as deep as a black hole , everything seems deceptive and even  contentment and fortitude loses its way to heart . Our priorities changes with the different stages of life and this c

The theory of conspiracy.

  Contentment and tranquility are the pillars of our lives and we all have the quest in order to attain it . In the palace of our dreams , where future seems impeccable and ambrosial . Everything is reminiscent to the epiphany of happiness.  But when the drops of reality breaks our unconsciousness,  now things seems crystal clear to us.  Everywhere there is an era of negative thoughts , transgressions , deceptiveness and disappointment which deem to be a new normal . Even the simple set of words may be proved hazardous for your whole life . Every token of love is contemplated as a secret mission of achieving something which is good for nothing, These all words may sound  audacious to you but this is the real bitter truth which contradicts the scarsasm of our life " Enjoy the life " .   We all know the truth but none of us neither have the fortitude nor time to solve this conundrum .  This conundrum may seem menacing to us but this conundrum has enclosed our contentment and ha

Can you save yourself from the wrath of endless loop ?

  All the things going around us seems so normal and we are just oblivious of it without even contemplating it . But when we just deep dive into the concepts then we come to know the deepness of the matter . And one of such things which has the power to shudder our concepts and perception is time . Time is something reminiscent to an endless loop which only ends when the one lose the support of one's breath .  We all know the significance of time , but still our habits of procastination or more precisely our laziness hinders our intelligence to retain a whole good of it . Awareness and information have the difference that information might not cause awareness but awareness boosts you to work upon the parameters which needs nourishment and most importantly our attention .  Time management is a key to success but is it so easy to manage our time ?  Each and everything has it's inertia and so is the case with our body . We all know the difference between good and bad but still thi