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The never ending loop of attachment and expectation

  A sense of attachment and the desire to have pleasant experiences are part of our nature. As human beings, we are attached to feeling good, comfortable, and secure, and to things we think will make us happy.  Attachment is the feeling of being emotionally dependent on a situation, object, or person. In addition to overindulging in or seeking food, drink, power, fame, or principles, strong attachments can manifest in ways that are potentially harmful, such as gambling and addiction. The idea of living without desire is unrealistic. Wanting is fine, but when we become too attached to our desires, we risk becoming trapped. If we keep chasing pleasure even when it may be unwise or unhealthy, for example, this attachment becomes an obstacle. Even though pleasure is a good thing, attachment and desire can distort our perception of reality. Reality is always changing and includes a mix of pleasant and unpleasant experiences. When we pursue desire to the exclusion of reality, suffering can h

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